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230″ Whitetail Mega Giant Buck, Again!

Three bucks over 200 inches in just three years, Greg Glesinger is on a roll! This guy has seen a 360-degree change in his hunting success since he changed his focus to strictly land management in 2017. This track record of harvesting giant deer will turn everyone's head. During this podcast, we have the honor of having Greg on the line to discuss just how all of this success has come to occur.
"You have to put deer hunting aside when trying to manage your land," Greg says when he made a major shift in the production of his farm. In 2017 we visited Greg's farms and immediately saw major potential. We laid out intense recommendations and they took action right away by transforming the farm. They began to focus on ROI (Return on Investment) or practices that actually make a return on the property for wildlife value both in the short term and long term. Practices such as timber stand improvement, old field management, edge feathering, savanna restoration, prescribed fire, and many more, have led to one of the healthiest deer herds we have worked with.
If you want to hear how to chase, hunt, grow, and manage the land that giant whitetails live on, this is the podcast. This type of repeatable success is raising the bar on the caliber of deer that is obtainable in free-ranging whitetail herds. Don't miss out on the success you can also have by focusing on the land, not the hunt. #ForLoveoftheLand