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How to Decoy Mature Whitetails with Greg Glesinger

On this week's podcast, we break down with an expert the art of putting out decoys while bowhunting rutting whitetails! This podcast is exciting, filled with several great bowhunting tips and stories of successful hunts. You will also hear stories about several Boone and Crockett whitetails that were harvested over a decoy.
Greg Glesinger, a client of Land and Legacy, is a very successful bowhunter who strongly believes in the power of a buck decoy during the pre-rut phase. His success is more than enough to get the average bowhunter jacked up about bowhunting over a decoy. Greg shares countless tips on how to properly set up the decoy, angles, ranges, locations in fields, and much more. This podcast will leave you feeling like a pro on how to decoy whitetail bucks into bow range!
During the podcast, you will hear the intense stories of how bucks reacted to the well-placed decoy. You will also hear about one buck that left the decoy needing to be repaired by three bottles of super glue! Now that is intense! We hope you enjoy the podcast and share it with all of your friends and hunting buddies!  #ForLoveoftheLand