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Missouri Buck Harvested Over Acorns with Seth Harker

On this week's podcast, we have returning guest Seth Harker to discuss his recent harvest of a mature buck over acorns. This is usually a very tall feat for most as trail cameras played a small role and woodsmanship skills are left to pick up the rest of the pieces. This story is exactly that!

Seth watched this buck throughout the summer months almost daily. He knew the area well that this buck was frequenting. Once season opened, he was high on the target list. With only 1 trail camera image in two weeks, Seth managed to stay on this buck's trail by observing natural food sources. Black oak acorns were falling and the deer and turkey revealed their desired food source at the time. A middle of the season scouting trip found the best location to intercept this buck! Listen as Seth tells the story of the hunt and be sure to watch it all unfold on the Land & Legacy Youtube Channel.

We hope you enjoy and learn something about mid-season scouting techniques. Trail camera images didn't reveal this pattern, scouting and knowing desired food sources sealed the deal! Enjoy and share! #ForLoveoftheLand