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Step by Step Pre-Rut Hunting Guide

Guess what, it's about that time! The buck activity is ramping up all across the Midwest as we record this podcast. What a great time to be a bowhunter. Although the activity is escalating, that doesn't mean you should go in "guns blazing", you still need a plan and guide to put yourself in a likely setup to cross paths with a mature buck.

On this week's podcast, we break down how to read the sign and behavior you may be seeing on your trail cameras or field observations. Are you seeing bucks working scrapes in the daylight or are you seeing solo fawns wandering around aimlessly? These are signs of the stages of the rut and activity in the whitetail breeding season. In addition, we discuss what the next steps are for treestand selection. Travel corridors or pinch points are fantastic during this time of the year. The progression of young bucks to older bucks of chasing is in full swing.

If you want to make the most out of your hunting season for the next two weeks, give this podcast a listen! We share the activity level of bucks on our cameras, hopefully, soon we will be a full draw! #ForLoveoftheLand