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The Secrets from a Game Rich Consulting Trip

Recently, Kyle, Frank, and Matt headed south to central Florida to work on a new farm. The property owners were looking to improve the overall function of the property, habitat, and wildlife. We went in with high hopes and we weren't disappointed with what we saw.

This property had less than drastic terrain features, yet the habitat types were extremely numerous and ever-changing. In total, the property's highest point was 46 feet and the lowest was 32 feet in elevation. The amazing part about this farm was the amount of cover it produced for species like quail, turkey, and whitetail deer. The cover was everywhere, almost too much! So we prescribed thinning certain areas and adjusting the composition of the cover. Overall the property in Florida was game-rich and we break down all the reasons why!

We hope you enjoy the lessons in land management that this property has to share. Even central Florida can be turned into a sportsmen's paradise with sound land and wildlife management techniques. #ForLoveoftheLand