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A Year in the Life of a Land Manager

One of the goals we have for the podcast is to help land managers prioritize their time. There are so many different ways that land managers can get side-tracked with gimmicks and time-consuming techniques that yield little to poor results. Time is too precious and habitat is too poor for mistakes or idol years in management to occur.

Disturbances on the landscape create and manage diversity. For optimization of each acre, follow along with this timely podcast as we layout each technique month by month to keep everyone on track throughout the year. Get out your calendar or pen and paper to follow along with our yearly plan for the land manager.

This podcast has been a long time coming, but as we begin to turn over a new year on the calendar, get the most out of your time and property. Prioritizing your tasks and completing them on time will make the impact desire on the landscape.

Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand