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Big Buck Encounters and 2019 Gear Review

Late-season does not mean the best part of the season has come and gone. There is still time for some fantastic hunting opportunities. This week, we recap an incredible hunt Matt had recently. Two great looking bucks almost squared off at 20 yards in a food plot. This hunt was a great example of the power of quality forage at this time of the year, but also the better harvest opportunities with the aggressive edge feathering completed around this food plot. All the action took place within 20 yards!

In addition, we review the gear we tested throughout the hunting season. We provide our honest take, likes/dislikes, on the various gear such as tree saddles, wool-based clothing system, new rifle cartridges, leather boots, bows, and more! The best gear is the kind that doesn't break the bank but provides reliability. We hope this gives you insight into where and how to spend your resources.

Thank you for listening and we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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