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Addition by Subtraction Land Management

This week on the podcast, we are in Iowa! Iowa has an incredibly strong hunting heritage. However, if you are looking to improve the land and the hunting then you have to understand the importance and the concept of subtracting to add value.
In most cases, on the farms we work, we notice that they do not have the existing habitat in place to where you can simply begin to manipulate disturbances to improve the habitat. The first thing that most often needs to happen is to remove some things that are not adding benefit to the habitat and wildlife on the property. This could mean removing the closed-canopy timber, cool-season non-native grasses, or invasive species. Once these things are subtracted from the property, that is when the real fun begins! We get to start adding species!
Land management does not always make sense when it comes to math, but when it comes to adding value to a property, it oftentimes begins with subtracting species first. We hope that you enjoy this week's podcast and share it with a fellow hunter or friend!

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