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Advanced Fall Food Plots

Join us this week as we continue the discussion about fall food plots! Last week on the podcast, we chatted with Stratton Seed Company about the fall food plot blends that they have to offer and we couldn't be more excited to get those in the ground. These blends will help us with our strategic plan to have the most success this hunting season.
We are going to explain how we, year after year, have success with our food plots. Are you interested in a simple, three-step, cost-saving technique to utilize this fall? The first step includes terminating the crop. The second step is broadcasting the seed. Finally, the third step involves rolling over the vegetation on top of the seed by several different means. We want to make sure everyone can comfortably plant a food plot this fall!
Another topic we discuss is the different planting strategies we use to help make larger food plots more huntable. You can use your spring annual plantings to create bottlenecks and pinch points in these fields. By leaving some of the vegetation standing and deciding to plant a fall crop in the remaining acres deer will focus their time in the smaller fall portions than spring plantings. We have successfully used the Heritage Blend to steer deer into bow range in some of our larger fields.

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