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Fall Food Plot Guide with Stratton Seed

We can't believe that it is fall food plot season already. We are already getting our seed planted and in the ground. This week, we sit down with Stratton Seed Company to discuss the fall food plot line-up! We talk all about the diverse fall blends that are the most attractive to wildlife and provide the most tonnage.
We discuss with Keith Hammer all of the many blends that are offered by Stratton Seed this fall. With many years of experience, we have continued to learn more about how these food plot blends are incredibly beneficial. We look at how each individual food plot species has its benefits when blended and not just the gimmicks the food plot world advertises. These blends are worth your time and energy for the wildlife and the soil!
These food plots are educational, not just areas where deer congregate. Food plots help us learn about diversity, how we can have a positive impact on soil health, reduce erosion, and feed various species of wildlife!

Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand