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Critical Habitat Observations

On this week's podcast, we are going to discuss some observations we have made while consulting across the country. We have traveled to farms in Mississippi, Virginia, Arkansas, Iowa, and Missouri on our most recent trips. Our goal is to bring education to everyone so you can provide the proper management of the natural resources that are available on your property.
Across a large portion of North America, closed canopies are common. When we take a close look at forests, we realize that they don't provide a whole lot of benefit to wildlife species. Whitetails consume approximately 2,000 pounds of food annually. However, forests produce an average of 50-100 pounds of digestible forage per acre annually. This makes for very under producing acreage. However, these forests dominate a lot portion of the landscape. In order to make a property the most productive, we have to decrease the number of closed-canopy forests.

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