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Getting REAL Value from your Recreational Land

On this podcast, Matt interviews Todd Watts, a returning guest, to discuss the transition of his property, The Hogan, to new owners. It is certainly not uncommon that we have listeners ask questions regarding recreational land and real estate. Considering Todd was the owner of a fantastic property in Ohio and just recently went through the real estate transaction process, we thought he would be the perfect guest to have on the podcast to discuss how to get the most out of the recreational land you own. His property was on the market for two weeks, showed once, and received a full price offer!! This is the type of real estate success we want to share with you!
Regardless of the type of real estate, every buyer wants a good deal and every seller wants to get the most out of their property. In this podcast, we want to share with you how to set up your recreational property to make it stand out when it goes on the market. A few examples of the key features that will make your property stand out is by having a multitude of recreational opportunities, before and after photos, and being able to market the features of the property better than anyone else! Fantastic habitat and beautiful layout of the property makes it nearly impossible for buyers to turn it down!

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