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It’s Go Time in the Deer Woods

This time of the year, hunters are filled with anticipation as they are hoping to have an encounter with rutting whitetails! From the pictures that are being sent through the  Cuddelink System, we know that not a whole lot of chasing is happening in our neck of the woods. We are getting closer to the end of October and a huge cold front is about to come through. The combination of a cold front and the photoperiod makes a great recipe for pre-rut activity.
During this podcast, we discuss how our hunting strategy is going to change this week, and for the next few weeks to come. We have been conservative up until this point but we will be moving in for the strike as deer begin to move and are up on their feet chasing does. We have to be careful not to put too much pressure on the property before the peak of deer movement or it will limit the productiveness of encountering mature whitetails at the peak. Cover, cover, cover!! Find the cover, and hunt! Bucks will be chasing does in areas of ideal bedding cover, just like they do year after year.

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