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Shrubs, Rutting Whitetails, and Adequate Cover

This week on the Land & Legacy podcast, we are discussing cover! There are various types of cover depending on your region that creates a suite for many beneficial species. Take a listen to this week's podcast to hear all about the different types of cover throughout the various regions of the whitetail's range. Each region has factors that play into the type of cover that should be present. These factors include climate, rainfall, and the length of the growing season.
You might be wondering why this matters. During this time of the year throughout much of the country, whitetails are seeking out the cover to find does. As a landowner, it is important to be able to promote the correct cover on your property. Each element of cover should be present on your property to develop the deer herd and increase the attractiveness of your property.
It is important to understand what composition of security cover, escape cover, bedding cover, and fawning cover should be present for each region. If it is treated as a sanctuary, this cover will produce deer almost every rut. Take some notes, and do your best to replicate this on your property!

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