You are currently viewing For Love of the Land #24: How to Accurately Determine Your Land’s Potential

For Love of the Land #24: How to Accurately Determine Your Land’s Potential

On this week's For Love of the Land Podcast, we discuss the benefits and uses for evaluating land using the free online web soil survey program.  Have you considered what the potential of your farm truly is? You can find out on these weeks For Love of the Land Podcast! **Caution you may find yourself spending hours on end looking over these maps and studying random locations!!!
The web soil survey is an incredible tool to evaluate many different aspects of a selected parcel of land. During the podcast, we walk you through the steps of how to use this informative software. You will first begin by creating an area of interest, then evaluating the soil type, soil composition, slope of your land, and most importantly what the ecological site assessment is. All of these elements will help you learn an incredible amount of information about the selected piece of land. If you've ever wondered what the land looked like in the past, this is your tool!
We look at a farm along the Missouri River breaks in SW Iowa that registers as a prairie as well as a once backwater forested swamp in Arkansas with 60+ inches of clay soil that is now being agriculturally farmed. The land can change, but prior to making any more changes to the landscape, we encourage you to learn about its history before moving forward. Remember it is important to work alongside "Mother Nature", not against it!

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