You are currently viewing Habitat Heros #116: Big Announcement: Quail On the Rise

Habitat Heros #116: Big Announcement: Quail On the Rise

Grab your over and under, a box of shells, chaps, and bird dog, it's quail time! During this podcast, we make a big announcement and had a giveaway at the end! Land & Legacy is taking steps to continue the push for conservation and promotion of early successional habitat across the country. We have added two new quail specialist to our consulting team. Kyle and Frank who have been guests in the past will be working under the Land & Legacy name to provide top-notch upland habitat management consultations across the country. There focus and expertise will be centered around promoting and restoring bobwhite quail. This is a win for conservation and a win for bobwhite quail and many other upland game birds.

These two researchers have spent many years studying and mastering the art of managing upland ecosystems to allow game birds like bobwhite quail, pheasants, and greater prairie chickens to prosper. We are very excited to bring you all the additional information on managing upland prairies, shrublands, native forbs, with an emphasis on annual disturbances. These minor differences in management styles in the right areas can make a profound difference in quail habitat and survival rates. The management techniques are similar for deer, but the intervals of disturbance and spatial distribution drastically change for quail. Kyle and Frank will break this down into simple terms on how they address these issues on farms from Texas to South Dakota all the way across to South Carolina.

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