You are currently viewing Habitat Heros #117: Herbicide Free Food Plots

Habitat Heros #117: Herbicide Free Food Plots

On this podcast, we discuss the importance and possibility of using zero herbicide on our food plots. As food plot and agricultural technology advances and we continue to learn more about food plot varieties, soil health, and the usage of herbicides. Techniques with planting constantly change, so all of these innovations result in new experiments on the Prairie Hollow Property.

This spring, we are experimenting and using zero herbicide on a test food plot to review and examine results over the growing season. Currently, the fall crop of the Legacy blend is growing and maturing at different rates based on the variety of clovers and small grains in the mix. We've already gone ahead and drilled the Stratton Game Changer soybeans directly into the Legacy blend... and walked away. One pass with the drill and we are going to see what happens.

By design of the Legacy blend being full of annual varieties, the blend will run its course and eventually mature, but during this time soybeans will germinate and grow up through the mixture. With the added cover the LEgacy blend offers, we anticipate weed pressure will be limited and browse pressure on young beans will be next to zero. There are many pros and few cons to this test, if it works, less herbicide will be required and fewer trips around the field will be necessary as well.

We are excited to see how the plots turn out this summer! Stay tuned by watching this video!

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