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Father's day salute

For Love of the Land #27: Father’s Day Salute

There are many of us out there listening who have dads or granddads in our lives who were instrumental in taking us outdoors for the very first time. This laid the foundation for adventure, wonder, and involvement with the natural world. Without the many Dad's of the world, traditions and hunting heritage would be lost. If Dad's did not take their kids outdoors society would lose focus and touch with the natural world. This integration of family and the outdoors is critical for relationships as well as education to grow and develop. During this podcast, you will learn how our fathers taking us outdoors played a huge role in our development.
For us, activities outdoors started at a very young age. Some of the earliest childhood memories were spent cutting firewood. Lessons like hard work, taking care of less fortunate people, and general woodsmanship skills became a simple activity Dad involved us in. Cattle farming, hay cutting, fishing, and hunting are just a few ways our dads got us outdoors. All of these tasks involved land and the outdoors that have profound impacts on Land & Legacy as a company. We know the importance of strong family ties and the value land can bring to raising up children as we are both products of that family environment.
We hope this is a reminder to you to thank those folks who first introduced you to the outdoors. Take time to share with you the valuable impact it had on your life. Special thanks to Wayne Dye and Fred Keith for there respective support and impact on our lives.

Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand