You are currently viewing For Love of the Land #31: Public Land Habitat Management

For Love of the Land #31: Public Land Habitat Management

This week, we step away from private land management and the real estate side of things to discuss public land management. Over the past several years, public land hunting has certainly become more popular and trendy. There are many opinions that surface with the popularity of public ground and how they should be managed.

So we went straight to a source who works daily for the U.S. Forest Service as a wildlife technician. Chad Keith describes in full detail how areas are selected and managed within each district to be managed. There are certainly pros, cons, and many complications that occur when managing public land. Of course, the public has a say in what happens, but many times there are misunderstandings of the objectives. Needless to say, there are incredible efforts being made to improve habitat across the landscape. There is a rhyme and reason as to why and how the lands are chosen to be managed. Breaking areas up into units versus random projects will yield better results on the land

Could you imagine orchestrating 100's of 1000's of acres to be managed within view of the public eye each and every year? This would be a tough job for any group to complete.

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