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Planting Seeds for Conservation with Justin Adams

During this week's podcast, we sit down with Justin Adams of Pure Air Natives to discuss the practical impact and importance of native landscaping. Conservation is active, so where do you start? Everyone has the ability to impact a different number of acres in the name of conservation. But the important part is that you begin. You can start with your yard. Yes, your yard is a great segway into larger projects on the farm, but get ready for an informative podcast where we walk you through the impact of native landscaping.

The scale at which we choose to implement sound land management practices should not be a concern. Grab the family and begin working to convert areas of 50-500 sq. ft. of your yard into a native pollinator plot. This project will not only have an ecological impact but a cultural one as well. Neighbors, visitors, and extended family will see your efforts and begin to ask questions. The learning opportunity for establishing a native landscape can quickly turn into a teaching moment.

Pollinators live on a small scale, so these smaller units help to create travel corridors for these small but mighty critters. We have to consider the important role these species play in our daily lives. It is our duty and responsibility to work on behalf of a decreasing population of native pollinators. Make a statement in your neighborhood and convert portions of your lawn into a showy mix of native forbs and grasses.

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