You are currently viewing Habitat Heros #93: Think Twice Before “Culling”

Habitat Heros #93: Think Twice Before “Culling”

No matter where you go across the country all hunters are familiar with the phrase "he is just a cull buck" or "look at them antlers, he needs to be taken out". These phrases may seem legit as they are often associated with bucks with below average antler size or unique antler characteristics. On this week's podcast, we break down that it means to cull. Plus, we provide a deep understanding of the difference between genetics and the expression of genes. Making management or culling decisions is not a simple. What you see is not always a direct coorelation to genetics. There is much more that neeeds to be understood prior to making a culling decision.

The term culling has been used in many different applications in land and wildlife management. You can cull animals from a herd based on antlers or you can cull trees from a timber stand based on shape, form, and health. No matter the application there is strong science behind the term culling that is loosely thrown around and often misused. Before the term culling should be used, the terms genotype and phenotype should be properly understood. Don't worry, those sound like big words, but they are easy to understand!
In this podcast, you will learn that the environment has a huge impact on the expression of genes. Therefore, you don't always see if true genetic potential is expressed. What may seem as an inferior species may be the result of environmental pressures that are not conducive to express more genetic potential. Be prepared, this podcast will make you think critically! It will also shape your understanding and perspective of management decisions! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand