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Hunting Strategy: Outdoor Militia with Joe Paget

Relationships are built around common ground. Over the last year and a half, Land & Legacy has connected with the owner and mind behind the brand Outdoor Militia. Joe Padget, an avid outdoorsman himself. His passion for the outdoors and comradery among all hunters built his brand. This is his story.

There is no question, Joe is committed to doing what he loves. He believes in his brand and the reasons behind creating it. Being raised in the southern hunting community, Joe understands the hunting camp atmosphere. This brotherhood is what drives him and motivates him to continue to build the brand. In this podcast, you will hear his version of chasing the American Dream.

We hope you will enjoy this discussing of discovery, brotherhood, hunting industry, and direction of Land & Legacy as well as Outdoor Militia. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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