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Hunting Success with Habitat Improvement

Trying to manage a property to maximize your hunting success sounds like an easy thing to do! To anyone who's ever owned or managed a farm knows it's way more complicated than that. This week we're joined by three Land & Legacy clients who we've worked with to improve the habitat on their farm not only for deer but many other animals as well. It's a podcast you don't want to miss as you hear some results they've had in only a short time.

What do you think a deer would prefer more during the winter, woody browse from a recently fallen tree or a pile of whole corn? The answer may surprise you! What do you believe is more beneficial to game birds like Northern Bobwhite Quail or Pheasants? Mike, in Northern Missouri, had a major project recently that lead to him watching his first pheasant using his farm. Lastly, Adam asks the questions he's been using a lot lately about the power of young forest and quality cover. Would you spend more time creating food plots or cutting in quality cover in your timber?

We cover a range of topics this week but as any of our guests can share, habitat improvement is the best way to reach the goals you're hoping to reach! Timber Stand Improvement, Grassland restoration, Temporary Forest Openings, can all prove to be dynamite on your farm. #ForLoveoftheLand

Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand