You are currently viewing Podcast #36:  Adapting To The Hunt: A Kansas Stud Falls

Podcast #36: Adapting To The Hunt: A Kansas Stud Falls

This week it comes full circle in the deer woods. Sweet November is here and we have got a deer hunt to share. The first week of November took us to the crop country of North Central Kansas.  As we arrived we began taking inventory of the action we were seeing from the treestand. These observations continued to provide insight of the progressing rut in the area. With this information we were able to make educated decisions on where to hunt, how to hunt, and when to hunt.

Our approach in Kansas was to adapt to the constant change in pre-rut activity. Each day presented new findings and insights. Ultimately, on the third day of the hunt we got aggressive and moved in. That evening was packed with rutting activity, from grunting, chasing, snort-wheezing, to scraping activity. It was a whitetail hunters dream, that ended in arrowing a Kansas stud. The strategy behind the hunt was planned yet, constantly evolving as the rut activity increased daily. This is a story of success in the strategy and we share the strategy with you! Trust the system! #ForLoveoftheLand