You are currently viewing Podcast #37:  Whitetails, Tall Tales, and Firearms Season

Podcast #37: Whitetails, Tall Tales, and Firearms Season

Memories, Family, Tradition, Heritage, and Deer Camp! Every family has their traditions that revolve around firearms season. This past weekend in Missouri was the opening of firearms season.  No matter if you partake in gun season or not, this event is important for hunters as a whole. This week we get personal and share the stories that take us back to our first hunts. Plus, we recount what the memories revolve around for us during those first days in the woods. These are sure to draw some laughter and take you back to the good ole days of hunting with family and firearms!

We encourage you to keep an open mind during this podcast as well. Opinions can vary largely from hunters regarding firearms season. In the end, we are all hunters and need to support each other.  We encourage you to share this podcast with other deer hunters. As we are all hunters we need to unite no matter what weapon they prefer to hunt with or what caliber of bucks they choose to shoot. Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand