You are currently viewing Podcast #38: How to Blood Trail Deer

Podcast #38: How to Blood Trail Deer

As hunters we often get caught up in the preparations, details, and practice required leading to a shot opportunity. We tend to forget to educate ourselves on the skills required after a shot is made. Blood trailing game successfully is a critical tool to have as a hunter. Poor shot placement is going to happen. It is important to know that blood trailing is not about being able to spot the smallest drop of blood on leaves. It’s about knowing what each drop of blood means and how it dictates your next move, whether that be pursue, wait, or back out. Let the blood trail guide you to make decisions that result in recovering your harvest.

In this podcast we explain the common findings along a blood trail and what each mean. In addition, we break down the common shot locations, heart shot, double lung, high shoulder, liver, stomach, and hind quarters, Each shot placement will leave different clues to provide you with necessary information. Based on that information, we share with you how long to wait before trailing a deer, the pace in which you should follow, and countless pointers to consider while on the trail. Tracking lethally shot game does not always result in a recovery. This podcast will educate you on post harvest techniques. Be confident in your knowledge and ability to blood trail a deer. Enjoy.Learn.Share!  #ForLoveoftheLand