You are currently viewing Podcast #39:  It’s Far From Over: Late Season Prep

Podcast #39: It’s Far From Over: Late Season Prep

Have you punched a buck tag yet? How much time remains in your deer season? We know one thing, deer season and opportunity is far from over! Late season is often an underestimated time to fill buck tags. During this week’s podcast we break down the strategy we deploy to make post-rut hunting successful whether you hunt in the timber or crop country.

Like most things in life, success is often directly correlated with preparation ahead of time. Preparing for late season can be no different. To ready yourself and the property for late season, we encourage all hunters to prepare food plots, prepare trail cameras, and be able to interpret approaching cold fronts. This type of preparation often results in incredible late season hunting action. However, what happens if you are ill-prepared, you didn’t anticipate having time off during the holidays to hunt? We supply the answer to the problem as well. No matter the situation, if tags remain unfilled, this podcast will give you the information you need to cross paths with a hit-list buck during the late season. Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand.