You are currently viewing Podcast #51:  Diversity: Better Habitat, Better Hunting

Podcast #51: Diversity: Better Habitat, Better Hunting

Ever heard of the term monoculture? If so, then you are likely wondering what does it have to do with hunting? This week we devote our time to defining a monoculture, providing examples, and sharing how if present in the habitat, they can be managed to improve your hunting. It sounds like a big complicated word, but don't worry, this is a simple concept and one that if improved upon  can be very beneficial. to your success as a hunter.

Diversity within the habitat is essential to holding wildlife on your property throughout a given year. Deer and turkeys don't eat just corn from a farmers field. They require much more than this to survive and produce offspring. When we think of the habitat, it should be diverse! This offers extremely good holding capacity, instead of having whitetails only summer on your property or winter, give them what they need! This is achieved through diverse habitat can be strongly correlated to holding wildlife within the boundary of your property. Identify monocultures on the property you hunt and follow along with the suggestions on how to best manage them. Remember, better habitat, better hunting! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand