You are currently viewing Podcast #52:  Hunting Property Evaluations

Podcast #52: Hunting Property Evaluations

Over the past few months, Land & Legacy has been traveling the country working with landowners and hunters on properties of all shapes and sizes. We have been blessed to see some incredible country and habitat. With all the diverse habitat we have been able to look at each one with a unique perspective on plans moving forward. We share these insights to provide listeners from across the country real struggles and habitat conditions other managers face.

In addition, we review in full detail our latest consultation here in the mid-west. This property has some unique features that require some restoration techniques. We walk you through our complete management strategy for this property. Listen and watch this property come alive. Use the map attached to help guide you through each habitat recommendation. Be sure to share your thoughts with us at the end of the podcast! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand