You are currently viewing Podcast #64: Advantages of Managing Deer in a QDMA Co-op

Podcast #64: Advantages of Managing Deer in a QDMA Co-op

This week we have a special podcast as we have in-depth discussion with whitetail deer hunters from Western Michigan. During a recent consulting trip to Michigan we took some time to present at a local QDMA Co-op. We felt it would be a perfect time to interview the founders as well as members of Crockery Creek Cooperative LIVE on the podcast. This Co-op has shown that this model of wildlife management among neighbors can be successful in just a few years. Listen as the founders discuss and share the hard-learned lessons of starting a co-op. Members then join us for an open discussion regarding habitat, hunting strategy, co-op benefits, community outreach, and overall hunting heritage.

This podcast was a blast to record as we share laughs and deer hunting stories! Our hope is that the main message from this podcast clearly shows that coming together as deer hunters sharing a common goal produces desired results. If you have ever considered starting or joining a QDMA Co-op, then this podcast will give you the boost to take action! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand