You are currently viewing Podcast #63: Is Your Habitat Adequate Enough?

Podcast #63: Is Your Habitat Adequate Enough?

During this week's podcast, we cover a variety of topics regarding habitat management, food plots, and Praire Hollow property updates. We have been putting in lots of time post-turkey season to land improvement on the home base property. We are excited to bring you some of those updates. Just like that, we are full force into food plot season. We have the RTP Genesis Drill on site and planting ahead of the rain. Check out this link to learn more about the Genesis Drill we are using to successfully plant our plots this spring.

In addition, reviewing our food plot strategy and acres of timber work we've completed on the home base, we pose the question, "Is your habitat adequate enough?" This question comes at a pivotal point in success for years to come. Fawning season and nesting season for quail and turkeys is here. Is the property you hunt going to provide the necessary cover to raise these young? Can they evade predators or weather the storms?  Does the property you hunt even have the habitat available to recruit the young into the adult population? We review the common misunderstandings and habitat requirements necessary for fawn and poult survival. Don't overlook understanding this. Be sure to understand this before casting blame on other reasons why you aren't seeing fawns and poults this summer. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand