You are currently viewing Podcast #67:  Film #3 – “The Revival” Review and More

Podcast #67: Film #3 – “The Revival” Review and More

Beyond the review of our third film this year, We have got some exciting announcements to announce! We have an opportunity to work alongside you as we cover the 8 QDMA Online Modules during the podcast! To sign up and follow along with Matt and Adam use this link to take 20% off all 8 modules. Adam and Matt will be reviewing the course material each week then discussing the hot topics and sharing how to use that information to improve your skills as a hunter and land manager. We will share more from this awesome opportunity on Facebook and Instagram throughout the next few weeks. Be sure to follow along with us on each Module!

We also share with you one of our favorite apps to use! It's called INaturalist. Be sure to download it to help you identify plants and other critters while in the field. No more guessing what each plant is, take a photo and know in a short amount of time! A super handy tool when you are learning and documenting your property.

Film 3- "The Revival" was a blast to create! Some of the main highlights included the food plotting strategy we used on a small hunting tract. We planted both the GameChanger Soybean and the Heritage Blend in a design that compliments and enhances the natural travel patterns of deer using that farm. We also cover the topic of government programs used to improve habitat on the Prairie Hollow Property. We discuss how and why we got money in our pockets to clear 6.5 acres for food plots, cut cedars, and create bedding areas! Don't miss out on this busy podcast! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand