You are currently viewing Podcast #66: Property Evaluations: Michigan Deer Habitat

Podcast #66: Property Evaluations: Michigan Deer Habitat

We throw it back to old faithful, property evaluations! This week, we break down a 130-acre property in southwest Michigan. This state is known for its high deer hunter numbers, strong hunting heritage, and large QDM co-ops. With these different aspects all influencing the herd health, habitat, food plots, and hunting success, the discussion throughout the podcast gets deep. This landowner has a strong work ethic that will propel him to succeed with the recommendations we offer. We discuss things like, food plot strategy, woody browse, timber management, thermal cover, harsh winters, invasive species control, and reducing antlerless deer numbers. There are lots of great points to take away and apply to your own property no matter its location. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand