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Podcast: Redneck Soft-Sided Deluxe Blind Review

On this week's hunting podcast, we cover the "how-to" successfully use the Redneck Soft-Sided Camo/Ghillie Deluxe Blinds in various hunting scenarios. This hybrid blind has proven to be an effective tool in our arsenal over the past few years. From early season bow hunting to late muzzleloader season and even the quick spur the moment hunts, this blind has covered the basis. Some of the key features that make this blind versatile in these many situations include the vertical and horizontal window design, steel frame, water-resistant cover, brush in straps, and ability to sit on the ground, mount to a trailer/sled, or even a 5 or 15 ft. tower. Follow along to see how each one of these features plays a role in making successful and comfortable memories in the field. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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