You are currently viewing Podcast #87: Managing Habitat to Improve Bottlenecks Pt. 1

Podcast #87: Managing Habitat to Improve Bottlenecks Pt. 1

The time of the year that we all dream about it here. Pre-rut activity is ramping up across the country. Even nonhunters like motorist take notice of this spike in activity, especially during their commutes. Although they may not refer to these areas as a bottleneck, hunters are keenly aware of these funnels.
With deer on their feet and moving like crazy, it is imperative for hunters to spend their time hunting during the pre-rut using bottlenecks to their advantage. A few podcasts ago, we discussed how to identify bottlenecks. Now that we know they are significant during late October and early November, the question becomes, how do we make them even better to bow hunt?
Not only do we want these areas to funnel deer, but we want them to funnel deer routinely. The most important factor in having successful bottlenecks is that attractive resources are on either side of that bottleneck. Deer will simply use the bottleneck more when good resources are on both sides of it. Without those quality resources present, the area will experience limited deer traffic. The resources may vary from kill plots to destination food sources and bedding area thickets. When these resources are close to a bottleneck, you have immediately identified a quality pre-rut hunting location. In this podcast, we share our recommendations  with you on how to create high-value resources to complement the bottleneck. We are ultimately producing Grand Central Station for whitetails on your property.
Be sure to head over to the hunting podcast for Part 2 of bottlenecks where we discuss the hunting strategy revolved around bottlenecks. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand