You are currently viewing Podcast: Advanced Techniques for Bowhunting Bottlenecks Pt.2

Podcast: Advanced Techniques for Bowhunting Bottlenecks Pt.2

In our Habitat focused podcast, we discussed this week how to improve the habitat immediately surrounding bottlenecks to improve them. As hunters, we to take to the woods this time of the year in search of pinch points, funnels, and bottlenecks. The increase in daylight movement from shooter bucks drives us to keep hunting these funnels. It's a game of odds, the more deer that are on their feet, the better chance you have at harvesting one, therefore hunt in areas that the majority of deer will walk through.
When we as hunters begin to learn the why and how of whitetails, making stand selections throughout a given season becomes much easier. There may be more information to sort through in our brain, but what drives whitetail bucks to move throughout various times of the hunting season is simple. Deer will move for three reasons, food, reproduction, or safety. These reasons often times produce repetitive movements. These movements are predictable as they use the terrain and habitat features in certain ways year after year to survive and reproduce successfully. Once we know these routes and can read the temperature of the local deer herd, we know when our time to strike will be.
In this week's podcast, we discuss how to successfully hunt bottlenecks during the pre-rut. Here is a hint, your success will not only be determined by the bottleneck you hunt, but the habitat that surrounds it! Research proves big bucks are on their feet, time to put the odds of punching a tag in your favor. Hunt the bottlenecks! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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