You are currently viewing Podcast #88: Creating Bedding Areas for Hunting the Rut  Pt. 1

Podcast #88: Creating Bedding Areas for Hunting the Rut Pt. 1

If there was just one habitat technique that we could recommend for every property, it would be to create bedding area thickets for whitetails. The significance, impact, and huntability of these areas are unreal, especially in areas where quality bedding cover is limited. As we get closer and closer to peak breeding season, the emphasis from every hunter should switch to hunting areas of cover. The biology of the whitetail buck through research proves movement is concentrated around bedding cover at this time.
In this week's podcast, we jump full force into how as land managers we can create bedding areas in the timber as well as converting open fields into cover. We discuss different techniques like using chainsaws and herbicide, a skid steer with a forestry mulcher, or simply a hatchet and herbicide. It is important when creating bedding area thickets in the timber to manage for appropriate amounts of sunshine. The additional sunlight will spark new growth adding the proper structure, vegetation, cover, and security for bedding cover.
When converting agriculture fields or existing pasture fields into cover, there are different steps to take! Herbicide plays a large role in this. However, allowing succession runs its course, a land manager/hunter can have high-quality cover in a short amount of time. Be sure to download Part 2 on the Hunting podcast where share countless stories of the success we've experienced around bedding area thickets while hunting the rut! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand