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Podcast: Bowhunting Bedding Areas During the Rut Pt.2

If we had one hunt left in our lifetime, I'd request to hunt a treestand on the downwind side of the bedding area thicket I had created years prior during the second week of November. This would be an obvious choice! Hold on to your seat, cause this podcast may change your strategy of hunting during the rut.
Deer, both bucks and does, seek cover during the rut. These areas offer protection for does as bucks are relentlessly seeking out receptive does. Naturally, does find the areas of cover and hide out. The second natural step to this is that bucks will inevitably come and scent check these areas searching for does during daylight hours. This game of hide and seek for whitetails has been a yearly occurrence since their creation. So, as hunters, we can use this to our advantage as this is a weakness in the armor of mature bucks.
Countless times, from Kansas to Virginia, we've made observations of this activity as well as capitalized on these movements around areas of bedding cover. If you want the advantage during the rut or want more consistency out of the rut, then create bedding area thickets. Learn how to hunt them by downloading this podcast. Be sure to send us your harvest photos! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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