You are currently viewing Podcast #89: Rut Hunting Success in Improved Habitat

Podcast #89: Rut Hunting Success in Improved Habitat

It all came together the first week of November for Land & Legacy at the Prairie Hollow Property. Although we travel assisting clients across the country during a large portion of the year, we make it a priority to get as much work done at the home base as possible. As we have discussed in the last two podcasts, much of the work has revolved around creating bedding areas in strategic places. Now that several bedding areas are in place, we are able to take advantage of this habitat improvement and harvest two great bucks on back to back mornings.
This week, we share two exciting pre-rut hunts that resulted in two punched tags for us in Missouri.  It's no surprise that these two bucks were harvested on bottlenecks checking bedding areas we created in the timber. November 2nd and 3rd were fantastic mornings to be in the woods chasing whitetails. Iyt was unseasonably cold and bucks were on their feet.
As you listen to the podcast we hope you will consider using these hunting and management tactics. Beyond that, we hope it will further encourage you to think about how tightly woven habitat is to whitetail deer movements. Habitat is a strong predictor in the why and how of deer movement. Therefore, get out and begin creating habitat that will become a predictor of deer movement where you hunt. Don't let the rut become a wild goose chase. Hunt and manage land with a purpose. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand