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Podcast: Born From Necessity: DeerLab

If we look at the origins from many great inventions over time, the beginnings can be drawn directly back to necessity.  The origins of DeerLab are no different. Jon Livingston the co-owner of DeerLab sits down with us this week to discuss why DeerLab got started. As a new hunter just 7 years ago, Jon quickly learned that trail camera images offered more than just a picture of a buck. Jon wanted to create a software that could sort, analyze, and categorize trail camera images efficiently, so he made it!

After learning how this successful software got started, we turn to its future and the innovations that are to come with DeerLab. Jon also discusses the first ever remote trail camera image ever taken. Check out his blog on this topic! If you have yet to experience DeerLab, be sure to use the free trial at  Get the most from your trail camera images! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand