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Podcast: Hunting “Call Shy” Gobblers

Hunting Call Shy Gobblers

Ever think you've been hunting "call shy" gobblers?  Well, they may not be as "call shy" as you think or even "call shy" at all. This week we debunk that term and share with you the reasons why this term may not be applicable in many cases. In addition, we share with you the techniques to use to ensure that longbeard will close the distance under these circumstances.

Plus, we are blessed to be tagged out in Missouri now! We break down these two hunts out of the same field, the same morning, but required drastically different strategies! This week's podcast is action and information packed! Anyone turkey hunter can learn from this week's podcast. We hope you share with a fellow turkey hunting buddy. Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

Topics Covered:

turkey hunting

turkey calling

dominant tom



call shy

committing to the call

over-calling to turkeys

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