You are currently viewing Podcast #60: Common Food Plot Failures

Podcast #60: Common Food Plot Failures

Food Plot Failures

No matter where you are at in the country, there is a good chance that you may be thinking about food plots! Throughout the deer south seed is going in the ground, while in the northern states you may find yourself still in the planning stages. Either way this is a great time to discuss common food plot failures that you will want to avoid now and in the future. Don't spend precious time and resources on food plots thats are doomed for failure without listening to this podcast!

This week we cover many of the scenarios that hunters and land managers may find themselves in when planting food plots. It is important for us to describe these scenarios and provide our recommendations so the frustrations can be avoided. In detail we discuss the ways to bypass these failures and ensure better success for the years to come. Some topics we cover include, ​weed control, lack of soil moisture, seed to soil contact, seeding rates and much more! Don't miss this information packed podcast devoted to food plot! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

Topics Covered:

food plots


soil moisture

seed blends

population count

seeding rate


fall blend

spring blends


soil health

no-till drill

broadcasting seeds