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Podcast: Longbeard Success in the Midwest

Missouri Longbeard

In this weeks hunting strategy podcast, we discuss our recent successful turkey hunts her in Missouri. Opening day was cold and windy, but we still managed to remain successful in tagging a tom. The morning's slow progression and unresponsive toms gave us the direction we needed. Our last strategy of the day paid off big as Seth Harker harvested a bird in the decoys just prior to the day closing.

The next morning Matt was able to repeat the success as a bird pitched off the limb and strutted his way in before the sun was up. This success early in the morning can be attributed to scouting in advance! We roosted a large flock of turkeys as they left a crop field the evening before. Listen as we break down these two hunts and why these two separate hunts resulted in filled tags. The season is young, but we are staying persistent! Enjoy.Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

Topics Covered:

turkey hunting

turkey calling

dominant tom


tree yelps



decoy strategies

early season flocks

roosting turkeys

late morning turkey hunting