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Podcast: Hunting Hitlist Bucks with Seth Harker

Our good friend and Land & Legacy team member Seth Harker gets back on the podcast this week, with exciting news to share. Seth Harker is a proven whitetail hunter, especially in Southwestern Missouri. Over the years, Seth works hard year in and year out on developing the habitat on his hunting lease. His devotion to land stewardship, habitat management, and whitetails pays off for him each hunting season.
This year, Seth had his sights set this hunting season on a buck he called Snoop. Seth's first encounter with this buck came years prior. Since then he identified him as a buck to follow and watch closely. The yearly study of Snoop's habits began at this point. For two seasons now Seth has watched and documented this buck closely with his trail camera and hunting observations. Each season revealed consistencies in his travel, bedding, and feeding patterns.
These consistencies ultimately lead to Snoop's demise!  In this podcast, Seth recalls from hunts this season, including a miss with a bow, that lead to him successfully tagging Snoop, a 146+ inch 10-pointer. This buck is a great example of how consistent devotion to learning a property and it's natural resources can lead to successfully harvesting hit list bucks. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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