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“Renewing the Mind” of Hunters with Dr. Sanchez

We could not be more excited for the podcast this week. Sit back, grab a notepad and pen, relax, and prepare yourself to be challenged, encouraged, spiritually awakened, and educated. This week on the podcast, we sit down with the renowned Dr. Sanchez, who is a hunter, outdoorsmen, husband, father, and a powerful man of God! For many years, we have been discussing the connection between our time in Creation and how that helps to repair us and lower stress. Finally, our guest this week has the science to prove it all!
We are going to discuss with you how and why time in the outdoors is necessary to help manage stress levels. Consistent exposure to the outdoors and nature can help lower stress levels and can help to heal our minds. However, this all comes with a balance of family time. This isn't an excuse to not be present at home or in the office.  Dr. Sanchez discusses how a proper balance in your life of time outdoors will improve relationships and focus.
We hope that this podcast fuels you to look critically inside. There is no doubt that we all have a passion for the outdoors, but we must ask ourselves, do we have this in balance with the rest of our lives? If we are honest with ourselves, we more than likely don't. We encourage you to listen and then re-listen to this podcast and share it with your friends!

Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand