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The History of Re-Stocking Wild Turkeys

Have you ever thought about how wild turkey populations became available in your portion of the woods? You may need to take a moment and thank this week's guest, James Earl Kennamar. This gentleman was at the helm of conservation and re-stocking efforts with his long term position at NWTF. James Earl was the spearhead of re-stocking and expanding the turkey population beyond the native range.

During the podcast, we discuss the process and challenges James Earl faced throughout his career. Much of this can be boiled down to the lack of solid research as well as common misunderstandings of wild turkey ecology among the general public. Sit back and listen to the wonderful stories of growth and expansion of the wild turkey. James Earl is a conservationist and land manager at heart. He is welcome on this podcast anytime to discuss the usage and benefits of prescribed fire, logging, TSI, and early successional habitat.

We hope you enjoy this spring turkey season, but be sure to thank James Earl as that gobbler closes the distance.

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