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Turkey Opener: Planning and Strategy Pt. 1

Anticipation is at an all-time high this week. Here in Missouri, the spring turkey season has now opened. This week's podcast is special as you will hear from two different groups of Land & Legacy hunters hitting the turkey woods. This Part 1 podcast is focused on the scouting, land management, and hunting strategy leading into the opener of turkey season.

One team will consist of Seth Harker, Trace Harker, and Matt Dye, while in an adjoining county, Adam Keith and Chad Keith will be joining forces. This is no competition, however, just two farms that require two different strategies to not only scout effectively, but to also hunt. First, you will hear from Seth and Matt and how they plan to capitalize on consistent images from the Cuddelink system. However, despite several years of success from this location, a massive habitat management project just went underway. So this will surely plan into the setup and hunt. In contrast, Chad and Adam are hunting a cattle farm with tillable acres and large pastures. The turkey numbers are high, but the consistent changes of cattle, farmers harvesting, spraying, etc, may play into the strategy of the hunt.

Be sure to follow along with the social pages to see how both crews of hunters do during the opening days of turkey season 2020 here in Missouri. Next week, you will catch part 2, which will be the hopeful successful hunts! Stay tuned as we bring you the turkey hunting action. Enjoy. Learn. Share #ForLoveoftheLand