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What Fall Food Plot Blend is Best For You

On this week's podcast, we sit down and chat with Keith Hammer of Stratton Seed Company. Together we discuss which fall food plot blend is best for you and your goals. Every site, every location, and every objective change and varies from food plot to food plot. Not all blends are created equal or accomplish the same goals so it's important, prior to planting, to determine which food plot blend is best for you.

During the podcast, you will hear us discuss and compare the differences between the Legacy Blend and Bounty Hunter Blend. These two blends are comprised of many of the same species. However, the rates of these species differ. Therefore, offering different benefits to not only the soil and the forages but also the long term benefits of the food plot. Determining your next crop in the spring is very helpful in determining which fall food plot blend to plant this year. You will hear more about these food plot blends in detail when listening to the podcast.

In addition, perennial clover blends are best seeded during the fall as we begin to enter into that time frame. You should not overlook the opportunity to plant the Revival Blend. This blend is a mixture of perennial clovers, alfalfa, and chicory. The combination of these four varieties extends the benefit of this blend over many months of the year in varying locations across the country. This blend has become one of our top choices for planting low cost, low maintenance, and high return food plots. If you have a busy schedule, we highly suggest planting the Revival Blend.

To find out more and give these blends from Stratton Seed Company a try this fall be sure to visit where you can order the see and give us your testimony on how well they performed in your neck of the woods. Thanks for listening!

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