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Hunters Trying to Play “Land Manager”

On this podcast, Matt is joined by Kyle and Frank to discuss an important common misunderstanding among hunters. There is a disconnect between hunters and land managers. Often times the number of hours spent hunting can easily skew the observations and importance of certain habitat features of the critters you are chasing. The factors that influence deer during the fall do not make them persist the months outside of season. Without those vegetation types or components of the habitat, whitetails would not be as present on the landscape or as healthy. This too can be said for the wild turkey and bobwhite quail.

Throughout this podcast, we discuss various scenarios in our hunting adventures where our hunting observations could have lead to poor management practices being implemented on the property. This podcast will save you time and serious frustration when managing your land. If we want to make a serious change we have to look at the life cycles of each critter and use facts to guide our management practices, not simple hunting observations.

If you want to make improvements, you have to know the species inside and out to increase population numbers or increase the health of an existing herd.

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