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Western Upland Bird Hunting on Public Land

Frank Loncarich and Kyle Hedges, Land & Legacy consultants, the past September took a trip out west to Wyoming and Nebraska to chase some upland birds. You can hear about the first part of their trip of chasing Sage Grouse on our previous podcast on October 8th. This week, they are discussing with you what tools made their hunt a success for Sharp Tailed Grouse and Prairie Chickens.
It can be a challenge to find birds that are close enough to hunt in our vast western states. This is why Prairie Dog towns can help you have a successful hunt.  ONX hunt app played a major role in finding these Prairie Dog towns where Prairie Chickens were using as leks. If you have been considering a western bird hunt, you will definitely want to take a listen to this podcast.
If you have been considering a mule deer hunt or an elk hunt out west, but just can't justify the cost, maybe it's time to consider a western bird hunt. The views are one of a kind, the hunting is world-class, and it's a fraction of the cost. Frank and Kyle are avid hunters of both big and small game but their knowledge in biology and the scientific approach is what ends in successful hunts!

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